Kansas City Roof Tile Repair

Correctly repairing your leaking tile roof takes a lot of skill and roofing experience. We have been repairing tile roofs in the Kansas City and surrounding areas for many years. We have repaired hundreds of tile roof leaks due to poor installation. We are experienced at roof leak detection and repairing difficult tile roofs of all types (clay tile roofs, spanish tile, concrete tile, and metal tile roofs). Just the simple task of properly walking on the roof is not taken for granted here. If the individual up on your roof has not repaired hundreds of tile roofs the chances are you leak will not be solved for long. It takes many repairs to become an expert in tile roof repairs as there are many different types of tile roofs and the leak sources are endless. You really need to be well versed in all types of tile roof repairs such as: clay tile, concrete tile, Spanish tile, flat tile, cement tiles, and the different types of flashings you need.

Having an owner who has personally repaired 100’s of tile roofs here in the Kansas City and surrounding areas and being directly involved in your roof repair job combined with experienced employees with personalized training allows us to offer one of the industries longest and strongest tile roof repair warranties in the business. Your “No Leak” tile roof repair warranty is not limited to a certain number of service calls (i.e. after a certain point you have to pay again), nor does it come with hidden fees. It does come with a time tested guarantee that if we can’t stop the leak then all of your money is returned without quarrel. With hundreds of tile roof repairs done we have not had to return a single payment.