Kansas City Dry Rot Repair

Kansas City Roofing and Sheetmetal is the “Dry Rot Repair Specialist” and the “Best and Safest Choice” when it comes to replacing or repairing dry rot and termite damaged wood on your home.

We have been specializing in this specific type of carpentry work for Kansas City Customers for many years. We can remove or replace your damaged patio cover, rotted window trim, wood siding and fascia boards. With over 20,000 plus board feet of dry rot repair under our belt we have the experience and technical expertise to properly identify this problem and replace it for good. With your help we will navigate through the process of identifying these spots on your home and tailor our services to fit your budget. It is recommended that a thorough dry rot inspection of your property be done on an annual basis to keep these problems from getting out of control, make sure the structural integrity is maintained and not at risk. If we are called upon to help with your dry rot repair and replacement needs we will provide you with a timely, detailed, professional, estimate for any of your dry rot or termite damage work needs. Stop the disease that is wood rot and stop the damage that is spreading around your home now.

Dry Rot – Where does it happen?

It is easy to walk around our houses and spot some boards with dry rot damage. If you look carefully at your window trim or fascia boards (especially the corners) and under your eave portion of your home you probably will find some damage. Dry rot damage can appear to be paint that is pealing or a bad paint job that needs to be redone. Upon closer examination if you touch dry rotted wood you will notice that it has become soft or hollow. These soft or hollow boards become a feeding ground for termites. It is not uncommon for the wood to be so weak that you can poke your finger right through a piece of dry rotted wood.

Eave boards under the roof get dry rot damage when the original roof edge has not been properly treated with edge metal and eave riser metal for tile roofs. If your tile roof is missing these metals there’s a good chance you will be finding some dry rot around the roof edges. Window trim is also a common place for dry rot damage to appear. Often the door or window contractor installs the trim with inexpensive caulking that can quickly shrink, dry, and crack. These conditions make the wood around your window susceptible to dry rot and termites. Also, you should be careful of your sprinklers. They may be watering the grass and plants and at the same time they may be watering your wood trim. It is very important that they point away from the house at all times and are they should not be allowed to spray or keep wet any wood trim.

Dry Rot Why does it happen?

Seeing and finding the dry rot damage itself can be easy but can be difficult to find the reason the dry rot occurred. Why dry rot is damaging some wood around your house and not other wood pieces around your house? Identifying exactly what caused the dry rot is critical to dry rot prevention. What is even more critical is hiring the right person to do and oversee the job. If a contractor simply removes the damaged wood around your home and replaces it with new wood it will appear that the problem is solved. But, if the source of the dry rot was not found and properly corrected you may have made matters worse in the long run. Identifying exactly why the dry rot has occurred can be one of the most important tasks involved when repairing dry rot. Just about any contractor with some simple wood working skills can replace the wood but what you really need is a contractor with the skills to locate exactly where the problem originated and properly address and repair the area. This takes a great deal more skill, effort and time.

When it comes to wood moisture content matters. Wood is unstable when it is green, meaning that it will shrink, bow, and twist as it dries. The purpose of kiln drying is to stabilize the wood. Not using the correct wood will mean problems down the road and premature replacement. It can get really expensive trying to save money by hiring a cheaper contractor. It is critical your contractor know when to use kiln dried wood and where to get it.
Who should repair the dry rot or termite damaged wood on your home?

The process of replacing any wood attached to a structural member of your home or wood that is installed directly under the roof involves a great deal of expertise and a complete understanding of how your home is constructed. Rest assured you have found the company with the expertise, skill, experience, and the tools needed to properly repair and replace all types of dry rot.